Lyn Tretiak Art

This is a new website, replacing one that was built several years ago to advertise my paintings.

At this time I only wish to publicize thirty canvases which will be for sale at the Ukrainian Cultural Festival in Mission B.C., May 6, 2023. Other paintings will be added to this site following the Festival.

All proceeds from sale of these thirty canvases will be sent to the Canadian Ukrainian Congress to help support Ukraine in their fight for freedom and democracy.

All these paintings are based on eight visits to Ukraine, from Kyiv to Lviv, Odessa, Uzhgorod, many small towns, and especially the village of Hytusko-Turianske where my father-in-law was born in 1902.

The canvases are all framed, many to ‘gallery standard’.

If you have questions about the paintings prior to May 6, please contact me at